Monday, 25 June 2012

Kashmir, heaven on earth !!

The papers just exhaust you (even though u haven’t studied much :P) but in the time of the preps your mind wanders to catch up ideas of hanging out !! once in a blue moon they get executed and here is ours(mine+friends) blue moon story. After the last paper, straight from the hotel to friends hostel and within 30 mins we are all ready for Kashmir, how brisk that was !!

Peer chanasi !!
Although it was mid march and no chance of snowfall anywhere around muzaffarabad, but a place called peer chanasi a little uphill steep road from the city of almost 30-40 mins and you are there !! huhu ,the place still held the snow of almost 3-6 feet over its peaks  , and it was amazing walking on snow for two hrs uphill and two hours downhill. Although we couldn’t made to the top of the mountain but the beauty was sufficient to take our breaths !! Bliss !! take a look !!

how deep was the snow, loved it !!

even the sun looked marvellous there :) adding to the beauty :)

uphill task, but proven to be one of life's bestest memories !!

home at such a place !! summer dream :p

how badly we ruin the snow !! :P

that walk, Aww such a charming day !

other than snow, other captivating thing was the loveable waterfalls !! 30-40 minute travel from muzaffarabad city to my friend's uncle home was a beautiful village, green fields, enchanting waterfalls, mighty mountains, springs and the goodhearted guests !! mind blowing freshness ! 

adorable <3 <3
lovelyyyy <3

one more waterfall <3

beautiful bridges connecting the two sides of river  neelam!!

one more beautiful view of neelam river, <3 

more to come but some other day !! :P

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