Sunday, 17 June 2012

Blog's Idea !!!

well the idea was on my mind since an year ago when out of luck i need few things to take a bit support of, yeah definitly in times of dismay you need few people's support plus one's self-efficacy as well. but then, i only relied heavily on twitter, facebook as usual was a boring stuff !!
well no need to talk about the bad times, the storms doesnt stay for long and the same happened in my case. well after crossing half way in my CA education  and passing 6 papers in last two attempts while only 5 papers in last 2.5 years show how careless and incompetent i used to be, (no wonder i am still a jerk except passing, i used to say that ): makes me to do better ,  :P)
 but thankfully back to track ( insignificant information ?? oh no but the later part is based on it, so bear it ): )
so the feeling of having a short spell of psychological freedom with just one paper in this attempt, thought to start a blog.
well definitely i am not a great writer, my friend(s) say so ( oh of course a middle way is always there and yeah i know it wont be bad enough !! ),

Me: dude why dont you start a blog  (thought just to buck him up and then i ll put up mine idea later  :P )
Afnan: yeah i have been thinking on that but it needs regular writing !!
me: oh no worries, i will be there to support and back you up !
Afnan: how sweet of you !
(main story starting LOL :P )
Me: i was also thinking to start a blog,
Afnan: dude you can but only a "porn blog"
what a besti feeling was that but in rage and in an attempt to show my Incapabilities !! here I am !!
with a nonsense writing !! plus thanks to google stuff for helping me in setting up all !! how "mushkil" kam seriously !!

would be back later with more bakwas stuff later !!

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