Saturday, 16 June 2012

Being together ..... ??? relatioship or what ????

the feeling of being close to one another despite physically being miles away and the feeling of miles away despite being physically so near !! what type of philosophies are these and to whom they relate ???
being together makes two persons a couple?? good friends?? or nuts to laugh at?? a common conversation among friends !!
the loyalty as being commonly said or felt is a feminine characteristic but to me and many more who share mine thinking know that the relationships depends on the particular persons not on boys or girls !!
the universal quote of "bhagam bhag" what we say running behind something will make you keep running behind that thing while if someone is in your chase, you will definetly make him chase forever!!
But, but sometimes the people like the opposite poles of the magnet cannot stay away from each other !! still i will take the contigency theory and let the type of relationship depend on the type of persons in the said relationship,
Lets hope hope the relationships are binded with the greatest force of love, respect or trust rather than the "chasing" story with one of the persons in any relationship suffering while the other suffering at the hands of third person and so on !!! love dependence is better than freedom but freedom is better than suffering !! "stay blessed"

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