Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happiness cycle of a human!!

The business cycle taken up as Happiness cycle of a human!!
The four phases of business (could be taken for economy as well) as everybody knows it and in every dictionary u would find it but let’s take one more angle of this economic based topic and let’s apply this to humans !!

A very happy period of human, HAPPINESS, REJOICE, prosperity, comfort at its  very peak, fortunes keep making their way, things look good and they are taken good even though they aren’t that good but due to peak of happiness, their affect is felt the least !! this phase can be characterized through a series of events, lets say results of different education qualifications, being in love, (these days being in love is necessary to get marry, not true ?? may be, lets move on ) being married, outings and trips, having children( what else?? I am so dumb to give few more happy filled candies I mean examples!! ) and so on and on!

Then certainly the happiness, rejoice started to fade, the things which used to gave us joy and excitement have started to look pretty straight and simple. The life gets to be monotonous and without any activity and fun. Even a stable life looks to be bore and uniform. Frustration and agony starts to creep into the life and the ultimate pitfall is depression. Behaviorally it can be characterized through: lack of interest in education; job; business; (wife may b :D ) and the results are failure in education,  job loss, business loss and ( *ife loss :P hain na ?? L or W, both ways Allah bachayeh) which is ultimately the depression phase.

The very unwanted phase in human life: sadness, wretchedness, disconsolateness, loneliness, miseries etc completely overtakes the available space in the life of that particular(s). Things don’t look very good, and even good things don’t give the same amount of satisfaction as those used to in BOOM phase. Some people try to escape this phase by certain tactics, some lose all hope and end up their life at their own hands while others try to put themselves together, some in the hope of positive future bear this phase. to put this phase in practical , it would take up the form of: death of someone very dear, in few case failure in examination (students know better :P), loss in business, job loss and so on !!

the inner depression and hardness of the depression weakens the person deeply, but no time lasts long and the person starts to do some recovery work, help in certain cases by the friends and family might prove vital but at the expense of his loss, the person has overcome the depression phase, moving slowly back to life seems difficult, things look bizarre. But ultimately the person is back on the normal track of life, daily routine starts to be settled down, Excitements and thrills have started to find their way back in life and once more the pressed back to the start of the cycle that is BOOM.

And that’s how life deals us, a series of ups and downs, short spans of joys and then a bit uniform life and on the contrary small pains, big trouble, breathtaking incidents but still the life moves on, feeling of being happy cannot be felt more after the phase of depression or sadness similarly sadness seems to be of no affect after continuous incidents but the span of happiness makes the value of sadness at its place and the cycle goes ONNNNNNNNNNN !!!!

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