Saturday, 4 August 2012

Have faith & be UP & SET rather than upset !!

He told, "Over the years i was quite much of a funny person bt the incidents drained the fun out and here i am dry sponge :-P" and i was gazing at his new face of sanity !!

And yes it happens and you come across people who used to be a different type of stuff with  lots of fun, hang outs , parties and much more !!
But then the life shows its bitter and ugly picture and takes the life out of a lively person and there remains the dead soul !! Notwithstanding,  Hardships or whatever, the reason, you aim to take support of your, argument but be a symbol of being a strenght and patience !!! Deal the hardships and move on !! Never Be Upset in any sort of situation..! Always Be"UP" &"SET" Then See how your life will Be settled automatically. Keep faith in "ALLAH" You know? "Ups And Downs" are the Flavours of Life.
Just see your Heartbeat (ECG) _/\_/\_\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_ Ups and Downs show Sign of Life _____________________ The day it become smoother and Straight The LIFE ENDS. So Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life.

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