Friday, 13 July 2012

 slippers of poverty against the shoes of richness !!! 

He was trembling, his head was bursting with pain, right from his shoulders down to his toes, every part of his body was screaming with immense pain. this was just not a tale of a single day but since long he has been working hours of overtime just to fulfill their basic necessities of his family. Excessive overwork has lead to extreme depression but still he was hardly making the meal for his family. And at mid thirties his hairs turned white, probably the signs of overwork and hardwork, perhaps. With such a pay he couldnt even buy himself a new piece of cloth to replace the many times mended dress, not only him hut his wife and children were showing similar picture. The fact that wearing such dress is not a curse but our society has made it so. Last month Mintu, one of his two children suffered from pneumonia and he didnt had any money to take him to Dr thanks to his boss who gave him advance salary to fulfill the purpose. the next month was more deteroriated as the budget was less than usual, the dismay continue to creep in their living and thats how their life full of misries use to pass but still every night he used to think about people who are impaired/crippled in some way, and also thanks to God for the Halal earning he has despite being very low and he is better than many people.

 The other side of picture was Mr.Rich with Gucci dress, Rado watch on his hand, few glittering gold rings on his fingers, lying drunk on imported sofa (making me recall the Iqbal's poetry, tereh Sofeh hain Afrangi :D) along with his friends, after a late night party, in a 80 canal bungalow, with facilities of holy world; pool, pub, bar, mini golf club, gardens, tennis coirts, lawns !! and so on.  2 imported ferrari, ,lamborghini, nexus, bmw, was his collection of cars. Excepy the imported Sofa, all the furniture was bought from high class designers.  Suddenly cell phone rings with the sweetest of the melodies, Mr.Rich barely listens to the caller who asks him to send 30000£. PA understanding the situation comes to listen, it was infact his son who was studying in oxford university for some designing degree, and then maid informs him of his lawyer, who has been awaiting for him for long, trembling ambling he moves to lounge, and after routine discussion with the lawyer, once again he is all set for a little rest, moving to the office where his business is carried out, a few formal meeting is being carried out and then he had to visit a new location for warehouse.  The busy life with business, family, friends, parties, was passing in a quiet quick pace. And now in years Mintu will also work to contribute to minimize his families misries and he will end up in another Ordinary person like his dad, and thats whats the condition of quite a percentage of our country population !! While hami the son of Mr Rich will turn up into another Mr Rich holding up his dad business !

The picture with both sides is quite obvisious showing their nature, lifestyle, bringing up, health and education. Poors are struggling and being further pressed down to disasters of poverties while riches are growing more and more, a lack of system indeed with the lack of efforts to fill up gap between poor and rich people and the situation is deteriorating day by day ! 

 ~ A random talk ~

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