Saturday, 22 September 2012

Proud son of soil !!

*Readers Discretion Advised*
He fell onto his knees, bleeding all over his body, the blood from skinny body was seeping  through his pant but he kept  himself conscious, the decision had to be taken in minimum of a second. His brave soul sent him the impulse and he re-collected all his breath and pushed his hands and opened the fire, the bullets were all over the place, and in a span of couple of minutes, it was all silence around, he killed more than 10 terrorists. What a brilliant feeling was that,"Saving a dozen by killing a dozen"  but that feeling couldn't last a minute and things around seeming to fade, his brain was failing to synchronize with his body. Excessive loss of blood atlast smashed him down on earth. Breathing unconsciously awaiting for the death to take his soul like a Proud Son of Soil !

While at other place, phone rings, the voice yelled "RC32, we found them, helicopter needed to avoid further casualities, direction north-east 2 km of southern Post, Over" the operator replied "copied, HK21 are there in couple of minutes, Over"

The incident happened in some village of North waziristan where soldiers of Pak Army were moving from one post to another, the boy named "Mohsin" with age of just 19 years was leading the team. On passing from a turn at a small hillside, terrorists opened the fire, whole team was a bit behind the corner, and this young lad had to face all of the terrorists. Bullets were all around him, and suddenly a number of bullets hit across his legs. Bullets passed tearing away the legs and one leg was merely hanging just around his waist, and the second leg also took 5,6 bullets. Above these, few bullets near knee and foot ! This miserable condition of him after bearing more than two dozen bullets in his body couldnt defeated him. And he was not Alive with such trivial amount of blood but with the spirit to fight for his homeland, for the safety of citizens of Pakistan, being part of Pak Army.
After being taken to near hospital for first Aid, he was Shifted to CMH Rawalpindi, where he was operated for multiple wounds. Unfortunately, he lost his one leg but he won the battle, he killed the terrorists alone. He was appreciated by his team members, senior staff and Chief of Army Staff for his Bravery .

The incident was just a narration of uncountable bravery tales happened in this fierceful battle against terrorists.

It was hard to express such breath-taking incident but the narration was just for the appreciation of the brave soldiers of Pak Army, many who are no more present among us, and many who are living hard lives after being injured in any form.
But sincerely we people have become such senseless creatures that we do not care we do not bother we do not give a ear to such a thing not being of our interest. But spare a moment, take their place, imagine yourself being them, you might get a slight idea of what they bore for the sake of us !!

Mere appreciation and condolence wont cost us anything but it would definitly increase the confidence of the soldiers and their families.

"Pak Army & Pakistan Zindabad"

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